Värska visitor centre

General Lieutenant Reek was the man who demanded the Estonian Defense Forces training camp to be built here in Värska. The training center near Värska in Õrsava village was called the Pechory Northern Camp. This was one of the main training bases for cavalry and artillery units from all over Estonia. The camp included barracks for soldiers, stables for horses, officer residences, a dining hall, and an elegant casino. Most of these buildings are now destroyed. General Reek's house was built in a grand Art Nouveau style characterized by grand and free forms, rich ornamentation, balconies, stairs, windows, and pinnacles. However, the current building is a replica of the original one. The original building couldn't be repaired, but luckily, there were old drawings, plans, and photos based on which the house was reconstructed from scratch - just as beautiful, fun, and eye-catching.

The center's exhibitions reveal that Värska has much more to offer than just Seto culture. The most significant developments influencing Värska over the past hundred years have been the military training camp and the resort area created in the 1970s. The exhibitions in the house focus on exactly these two aspects – the Northern Camp and the events of the Estonian War of Independence, as well as the use of mud and mineral water in the local spa.