Värska farm museum

The Värska farm museum is a gateway to a Seto household 100 years ago. Behind the big plank gates, you’ll see a yard of a wealthy Seto fortress-farmstead of the beginning of the 20th century. There is a smoke sauna (black sauna), dwelling-house, barns for storing clothing and food as well as a granary, cow barn, hayshed, men’s craft room, threshing house, smithery and pottery. The unique complex provides an excellent opportunity to learn about Seto traditional architecture. In the summer season there are exhibitions in the dwelling house, clothes barn and above the barns, and the biggest handicraft store of Setomaa is open in the threshing house.

In the summer season there are thematic days organized regularly in the museum. Throughout the year, special attention is paid to celebrating traditional holidays of Setomaa.